Looking for a Younger White Male. Must be 6ft+…

Looking for a Younger White Male. Must be 6ft+ Tall…..Athletic Body, Intelligent, Articulate and Charming…as personality is a big must for me and being mentally stimulated floats my boat!…Also a man who is confident, but not too cocky!….though being cocksure excites me ….sometimes!!! ; )…. There’s nothing better than a confident man who knows what he wants and how to get it, and who knows what he’s doing!. I like Spontaneous, Imaginative Men, who in turn SPARKS my imagination!!!. Anything’s possible with two confident and imaginative people!!!. Are you Handsome too? That’s another big plus in my eyes…..Might as well have a nice face looking down at me too!…That also floats my boat…as well as capsizes it!! .Hehehe x ; ). However Someone that has humour too …would also be a bonus! ….as I love to laugh and smile a lot! I must admit..I do have a thing about EYES…IT”S that naughty GLINT in the eye look..that gets me EVERY TIME….and that lets you know what’s….about to take place!!!…that’s the most exciting thing for me!!!…the Raw animalism and the build up of the anticipation!!! …I love to read body language….Also the smell of a man excites me too!!! MMmmmm ; Message me http://gransex.co.uk


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